Our Psychologists deal with:

Counselling Services by  New View Psychology has started  here from 07 October 2021. These services are available on Thursdays from 9 Am to 5 Pm and Saturdays 9am to 2 Pm.

Appointments with our psychologists may be booked by ringing 1300 830 687 or through newviewpsychology.com.au website.

Psychoeducation: e.g. what is depression/anxiety/stress/alcohol or drug abuse?

  • Mood recording: to enhance emotional awareness, and identify triggers and consequences
  • Pleasant activities scheduling and behavioural activation and activity scheduling/time management
  • Cognitive reframing: identifying, challenging, and modifying negative/dysfunctional thinking
  • Relaxation techniques: muscle, breathing, mental imagery, mindfulness meditation
  • Stress management, anger management, assertiveness training, cutting down/out substance use
  • Problem-solving exercises and strategies to enhance memory, planning, organisation, structure
  • Administering assessment tools, e.g., depression, anxiety, alcohol, drug, etc. self- rating scales
  • Homework tasks, e.g., practice relaxation techniques; recording moods, thoughts, activities etc.
  • Using role-plays, simulations and behavioural experiments to learn new skills and modify behaviour

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