Health Checks

We have a variety of Health Checks available for eligible patients .

  1. Pre-school checks for children between 4-5 years of age preparing to start school. This check up will screen for speech delay and other mile stones eg height and weight and BMI etc.
  2. Special Check up for  45-49 years old  . This health check is specifically aimed for patients who may be at risk of chronic diseases due to smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and so on. This service can take Up to an Hour but will not incur more than a standard consult fee.
  3. Annual Health Check for patients 75 years and over. This is a yearly health check focusing on physical and lifestyle issues of our senior patients.It  is a comprehensive review of the individual’s general health issues, and it is Bulk Billed.
  4. Enhanced Primary Care Program : This is a special scheme for individuals with multiple chronic conditions requiring input from multiple health care providers. For example if you have a chronic pain problem and  diabetes or overweight , we can issue special referrals that entitles you for rebates for seeing Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Podiatrists  and so on. Please enquire for details and eligibility, when you attend our clinic next time.

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